Youth embrace street festival

HAVING FUN: Mdantsane netball teams playing at the third annual Ezase Kasi Street Festival on Saturday at N.U 1 in Mdantsane Picture:SIVENATHI GOSA

The youth of Mdantsane showcased their many talents when Project Khulisanani hosted their third Ezase Kasi Street Festival at the Ekoneni Butchery & Bar in Mdantsane on Saturday in commemoration of Youth Day.

“The festival is going strong and our motive is to still groom and give our youth a platform to show their talents. The main inspiration behind the festival is the rich heritage of sport that has always united Mdantsane community members.

“The purpose of the festival is to unite community members, from the young to the old, through indigenous games, sporting and arts and cultural activities,” said founding member Zamuxolo Rete.

Different kinds of games were played such as hopscotch, diketo and tug-of-war.

Netball, soccer, skipping rope and boxing were the audience’s favourite, as locals competed against each other in order to win trophies and medals.

The GO! reported (“Ezase Kasi Street Festival returns for the third year”, June 13, 2019) that Project Khulisanani had noticed in the past few years that the community has been subject to alcohol and drug abuse.

Bringing sport to people of Mdantsane


“Sports, recreational activities and arts and culture play a crucial role in the development of the youth because they teach them to be disciplined and to properly conduct themselves in and out of the actual activity, therefore enabling them to be role models within the community,” said Rete.

The festival was sponsored by KFC, Ekoneni Butchery and the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.


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