Girls learn all about Port of East London

FUN DAY: The Port of East London recently hosted their its Take a Girl Child to Work Day, along with eight other ports around the country

Earlier this month, the Transnet National Ports Authority’s (TNPA) Port of East London hosted their its Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative. The initiative is hosted by eight other ports over the months of May and June.

The day was open to students pupils between grades 9 and 12 who were studying English, pure mathematics and physical science at a high school level.

They were made up of a combination of employees’ children and students pupils from previously disadvantaged schools which were adopted by the port.

Pupils started the day with a conversation with various port staff members where they were given an overview of the port’s functions.

From there, they got to watch the harbour’s tug crew demonstrate how a harbour tug operates as well as what the various crew members’ tasks were on board the vessel.

Afterwards, the girls were taken on a boat excursion around the harbour and listened to a talk on pollution courtesy of Southern Cross Cruises.

At the end of the day, the girls were taken on a tour of the port which was capped off with presentations from various port representatives.


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