Unearthing writing talent

GET CREATIVE: Participants of the recent Emonti Creative Circle writing workshop held in East London. Picture: SUPPLIED

East London creative writers can benefit from ongoing workshops hosted by Jen Bryson Moorcroft, Tamaryn Dalldorf and Unathi Ngada, with skills empowerment offered to participants of all ages.

The Emonti Creative Circle writing workshops cover aspects of creating engrossing text, such as narrative dreamscaping, storyboarding and the editing process.

Moorcroft said they have received great feedback so far, with three groups taking part in their six-month creative writing course.

Groups would meet once a month to share their writing and receive feedback.

“We also regularly run different workshops focusing on genres such as peotry, poetry, prose, writing for performance and creative non-fiction,” she said.

Moorcroft is no stranger to writing as being an experienced playwright and screenwriter. Dalldorf is a short story writer lecturing in writing and communication at Walter Sisulu University, while Ngada is a newly published novelist.

Irene Bernardo, one of the participants, said the sessions were a true blessing for aspiring writers.

“At last there is a place where writers’ abilities can be put to the test by experts. Their knowledgeable guidance and encouragement helps to mould weaker efforts.”

There is also an online component, where writers get to publish a written piece once a month on the Emonti Creative Circle blog and get feedback from readers.

Although initial teething problems were experienced in the beginning, the sessions are now running smoothly.

“We are also excited to be publishing our first journal of local East London writing at the end of 2019. This will also be challenging but extremely rewarding, especially in terms of finding funding for this project,” Moorcroft said.

Aspiring writers who would like to join, can may contact the group on emonticreativecircle@gmail.com


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