Furry friends lap up EL dog show

FURRY FRIENDS: Treyamaine Voster with her dog, Striker, at the East London Amatola Dog Show Cluster

FOUR-LEGGED furry friends ran and pounced around the fields of Cambridge Primary School during the three-day East London Amatola Dog Show Cluster last week.

Show manager Gerhard Schultz said the show consisted of different breeds of dogs, with judges from different provinces taking part.

“We have a breed standard that is about approximately 150-2000 years old.

“It is more of a judging system that is used when assessing the dogs.

“We are trying to encourage this kind of sport, as it is not popular in SA South Africa compared to overseas.

“We want to make it more popular with the public, so we introduced the youth category,” Schultz said.

Australian Sheperd, Cort, at the Annual Est London Dog Show Picture:SIVENATHI GOSA

Treymaine Voster, 16, was recently ranked champion of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. recently.

She will represent the country at the Crufts Dog Show in the UK as well at the World of Dogs in Madrid next year.

Schultz said Crufts is an umbrella term for an international canine event held annually in the UK.

It is centred on a championship conformation show for dogs but also includes a large trade show of mainly dog-related goods and services as well as competitions in dog agility, obedience, fly-ball and heel-work to music.

“We were are fortunate enough to have Montego as a sponsor.

“They have been sponsoring us for four years now and we are truly grateful,” Schultz said.

JP Badenhorst of Montego said the company loves shows of this kind, as they teach the youth to how to treat dogs and other animals with respect.

“The youth of today are not as motivated to be outdoors to play with their pets.

“I believe shows like this will attract young people to be outdoors more and to be knowledgeable on how to take care of their pets,” said Badenhorst said.


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