“Great Hack” sheds light on troubling data mining

Two weeks ago, I said Stroop was an important documentary.

Well, this week we can add Netflix’s The Great Hack to the same list.

The film examines the rise of intrusive data collection and how it has been used for nefarious ends.

The main focus is on the now-infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal and its potential impact on the 2016 US elections and the Brexit Referendum in the UK.

However, it does also look at the broader system that allowed this scandal to happen in the first place.

Now For those who are more news-savvy and kept up with the various related stories when it first broke, there will be little new information available.

Where the documentary shines, however, is in its exposure of the inner workings of Cambridge Analytica and the skulduggery that its upper echelons take part in.

My biggest criticism with the documentary is that after all the build-up, it doesn’t offer any clear way forward at the end. There’s some vague mention of stricter legislation and changing our browsing habits but nothing concrete, which slightly weakens its the overall impact.


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