Evans can’t beat poor script in ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’

With the first stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to a close with Endgame, Chris Evans is branching out from the Captain America role he has inhabited since 2011. Some have been good, like 2017’s Gifted. Others, like Red Sea Diving Resort, not so much.

Red Sea is the latest Netflix Original and is based on the reallife story of a Mossad special forces team who leased out an abandoned resort in Sudan in the 1980s and used it as a front to smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

The film tries hard to be the next Argo but sadly falls way short. The actors themselves aren’t to blame here. All involved are clearly working hard, with Evans and co-star Michael K Williams giving stand-out performances.

Unfortunately, they are hampered by a script that switches tone almost on a whim, with tense rescue missions quickly cutting to wacky hijinks with oblivious tourists.
Even worse, the film about helping refugees almost completely ignores those same refugees, with only a few shots of huddled masses here and there to remind you of what the stakes are.


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