Chance to rewrite for SC candidates

The department of basic education (DoBE) is inviting all senior certificate (SC) candidates who did not pass the May/June matric examinations to register for another opportunity to write their exams in November.

This offer only applies to SC candidates, not the national senior certificate (NSC).

SC candidates are adults learners 21- years and older who have:

  • A general education and training certificate (GETC); or
  • A grade 9 school report (or the old Std 7) stating that they have passed grade 9 or Std 7; or
  • A recognised equivalent qualification obtained at NQF level which requires two official languages.

To qualify for the rewrite, candidates must have either failed their exams (achieved less than 30% for a subject or below 40% in their home language) or have a valid reason for being absent.

Valid reasons, according to the department, are:

  • Illness, which requires a medical certificate;
  • Family death, which requires a death certificate;
  • Any reason beyond the candidate’s control, in which case an affidavit must be submitted for evaluation.

Candidates will only be allowed to register for subjects they wrote or were marked absent for in May/June and registering for other subjects is prohibited.

They will also not be allowed to upgrade their results, as this can only be done in June 2020.

Registration can be done online or at the nearest provincial, district or circuit DoBE office, as well as the appropriate examination centre.

Candidates must provide a valid e-mail address and phone number, regardless of which registration method they use in order for the department to communicate essential details.

Manual registration opened on Monday and closes at 4pm on September 4. Meanwhile, online registration will only be available from 8am on September 4 and will close at midnight on September 11.


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