Two former DoL employees appear in court on fraud charges

Two former employees of the Department of Employment and Labour appeared in East London Court on September 11 for allegedly submitting fraudulent claims to the Compensation Fund (CF).

The suspects were arrested and charged after an intensive investigation in conjunction with investigators from risk, anti-corruption and integrity management unit at Head Office and East London office after a whistle-blower reported possible fraudulent activities to the Public Service Commission.

The officials recruited an intermediary to source identity numbers and bank details for them and used those details to create profiles of claimants to prepare, capture and approve the fraudulent claims.  The “so called claimants” were traced and interviewed and all of them denied ever working for those employers mentioned in the applications and also denied being injured.

Claims amounting to R 230,928 were paid by the Compensation Fund Commissioner as a result of fictitious claims created by these officials.

Deputy director for risk, anti-corruption and integrity management Simiselo Nduli said the department has enhanced its systems to detect and flag suspected fraudulent claims and his unit is continuously capacitating officials through awareness campaigns in the Province.

Nduli further explained that such cases are disturbing and concerning as the consequences affect the vulnerable workers and citizens of our society however he is optimistic that the province is ready and prepared to fight the scourge of corruption as it continues to show its ugly face.

The case against the two officials is remanded for October 03 at East London Regional Court.

There are many cases relating to fraud involving former employees who defrauded the department by processing of fraudulent claims and overriding the system, inflating payments made to medical practitioners and physiotherapists, beyond rates prescribed in the Government Gazette. These perpetrators have been convicted.

“The responsibility for the mitigation of exposures to fraud and corruption lies with every employee. All managers have the responsibility to ensure that employees are made aware of and receive appropriate training and education with regard to the policy”, said chief director for provincial operations Nomfundo Douw-Jack.

The DoL urges everyone who knows about any fraudulent activities involving its services to report such cases by calling/ email using the details below to minimize fraudulent cases.


FRAUD HOTLINE:                        086-002-2194

UIF FRAUD HOTLINE:                  080-060-1148

FRAUD E-mail:                   /

Office of the Public Protector:       080-011-2040

Auditor General:                         012-426-8401

Public Service Commission:          080-070-1701

Compensation Fund Hotline:        080-023-4432


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