Homeopath makes a meal of value system at Ladies’ Breakfast

The Venue @ Hemingways was packed on Saturday morning as the SPCA hosted their annual Ladies’ Breakfast.

WISDOM OVER BREAKFAST: Dr Loretta Ferrucci at the recent SPCA Ladies’ Breakfaest held at The Venue @ Hemingways over at the weekend

The event got off to a good start with Vicky Luff’s Dynamic Dance Academy presenting two powerful pieces which earned much applause from the audience.

Following the dancers, the guest speaker of the morning was Dr Loretta Ferrucci.

Ferrucci took the audience on a brief tour of what inspired her to become a homoeopath homeopath before sharing one of her biggest frustrations in her career: “Why can people not stay better?”

She said she had seen many patients revert back to their old habits after they felt better and at first she couldn’t understand why.

The breakthrough came about when she learnt about what she called, the “Hierarchy of Values”.

Simply put, the Hierarchy of Values refers to which values people prioritise resources towards, such as health or income.

“You only have enough resources – time, energy, effort and money – for your top-two or -three values.

“If health isn’t one of your top two or three, you struggle to maintain it well good health in the long run,” said Ferrucci.

“It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you a person with a low value on health.”

According to Ferrucci, having a low value on health or money, for example, does not mean that a person is condemned to be unhealthy or poor for the rest of their life. It just means they have to work a little harder than those who have placed higher values on them.

One way to help improve this, is to link your lower values with those higher on your list.

Ferrucci used the example of someone who has a low value on health, but a high value on their children.

This person can ask themselves, “How does being healthy help me improve my relationship with my children?”, thereby linking the two values.


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