SA sets ‘new world record’ for longest hearse parade

A convoy of 110 funeral cars lapped the Kyalami circuit to unofficially ‘beat’ the Guinness record

Part of a convoy of hearses at Kyalami, north of Johannesburg, that set out to break the world record.
Image: Supplied

A Guinness world record for the longest parade of hearses was unofficially set at the Kyalami racetrack on Tuesday.

A convoy of 111 hearses, later revised to 110 after one broke down, reportedly drove around the Midrand circuit to beat the previous record of 107 hearses, achieved in Baarn, Netherlands, in August 2012.

The achievement will be submitted to Guinness World Records for official ratification.

Event organiser Rachel Stead, of, said various criteria had to be met, including validation by a specialist witness that the vehicles were in service as hearses. The parade also had to be moving and cover a minimum of 3.2km together, among other requirements.

“As soon as we have gathered all evidence required for submission to Guinness, we will be sending it through and then awaiting their final decision,” Stead told TimesLIVE.

The attempt was part of a “track day” for the local funeral industry, a first-of-its-kind event that incorporated track, skidpan and off-road experiences, as well as a motoring exhibition.




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