‘Never give up’

Former Selborne headboy enourages pupils

HUNDREDS of Old Selbornians sat at the field during the commemoration of  147th birthday of Selborne College on Friday.

About 450 former pupils, including some celebrating their 60th reunion, were in attendance, all sporting their Old Boys ties.

Former pupil and 2002 headboy Loyiso Mabece was the guest speaker and shared his life experience and words of encouragement with the current pupils.

“There is nothing special about me. I was not the cleverest nor the smartest nor the best sportsman or the best artist. My story starts in 1991 with the dawn a new democratic SA, where for the very first time, people like me were offered an opportunity of attending a multi-racial school such as Selborne College,” he said.  Mabece said he spent 11 years at the school, with the journey starting off in 1992 when he was in grade 1.

“My mom decided I should repeat grade 2, as my English wasn’t well-polished.

“Well, it’s still not until this day. I still struggle with very big English words.

“Every year, I was voted as the class captain, which lead up to me being elected headboy.”

He went on to share his journey through university, and how he lost his father during his second year.

“I was doing well academically, and on the sports fields, until I learned of the tragic news.

“I didn’t know how to handle everything, as it was a major shock.

“ I started drinking and my academics deteriorated, I was a different Loyiso that I was two year prior in Selborne College,” Mabece said.

“I hada self-introspection where I decided to make changes in my life, changed courses from accounting to economic finance, and managed to complete my qualification.

“You will fail, but never give up. Life will give you setbacks, you will fall, your heart will be broken, your business will fail, you will be retrenched and  you will be overlooked for jobs.

“What is important is how you respond. You must never give up,” he said.

“To the outgoing Custodian of the Key Mntungwa Mapantsela, and the class of 2019, congratulations of reaching the final of your high school career.

“One thing I must advise you is to keep contact with one another, regardless of where you are going to be in the corners of the world. Always make sure you to develop yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

“To the incoming Custodian Brady Choudree, and the class of 2020: all the best of you matric year. You have almost reached the summit. Make it count, everything is going to be for the last time.”

The ceremony was followed with sport events with Old Selbornians playing against the pupils in cricket, tennis,water polo and hockey.


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