Aqua aerobics a fun and safe way to get into shape without risk of injury

WONDER OF WATER: Aqua by Rose’s exercise programmes provide an accessible yet intense routine that caters for everyone. That’s me in the middle at the back, by the way

One of the downsides you don’t initially think about when undergoing emergency surgery is exercise, or rather the lack thereof. Between the three days spent laying in a hospital bed and the inability to do anything too strenuous for about a week afterwards for risk of popping your stitches, your physical health can take a bit of a knock.

Given this, it probably wasn’t the best idea to make the first bit of exercise after my op a water-fitness course by Aqua at Rose last week.

Then again, many of my fellow participants could not tout the benefits of the course enough. One kind woman I spoke to, told me how the course helped her after a back injury which made it difficult to exercise in other ways.

Another person said Rose’s course helped to alleviate back pain which she’d struggled with for a number of years. I even saw someone arrive in a wheelchair although you wouldn’t have been able to tell from the energetic way they moved once in the water.

Once you start, it soon becomes obvious why the water-fitness course is so accessible.

For one, floating in the water is a great way of taking weight off key muscle areas, such as your back and legs. For those with injuries, this can allow them to exercise where they might not normally be able to.

Floating also allows you to perform exercises that would be difficult on land. For example, I’m not exactly a world-class gymnast but even so, I found I was a lot more flexible in the pool than out.

This isn’t to say that the course is easy. Not by a long shot. As anyone who’s landed belly first in a pool can tell you, water can put up a lot of resistance. I felt this most when doing the arm exercises.

The dumbbells you’re issued may look like a foam toy, but they become pretty heavy after an hour of trying to keep them submerged while you exercise.

All in all, I had a great time. The people were friendly, the exercises were intense and it provided a nice change of pace to my usual gym routine.

This course was at Edge Fitness Club in Gonubie, but there are also courses at Virgin Active on the beachfront, Body Culture in Beacon Bay and Christine de Greef in Abbotsford.

For more information, visit Aqua by Rose’s Facebook page or call 082-829-8952.


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