Clinic brings care to Acorn Valley kids

Breidbach Clinic brought smiles to the faces of many parents and residents in Acorn Valley after organising an outreach programme for sick children recently.

About 30 parents with their children, as well as other community members, were grateful to the clinic for bringing much-needed healthcare services to them and made good use of the opportunity provided.

KIND GESTURE: Breidbach Clinic lay counsellor Wendy Hartnick, left, assists Michelle Jordan with her baby during an outreach to the Acorn Valley community on Monday

Clinic operational manager Xoliswa Qamba was accompanied by community health worker Gloria van de Venter, lay counsellor Wendy Hartnick and clinic committee chair Desmond Coetzee.

Qamba said the focus of the outreach was on assisting children because the first five years are crucial to a child’s development.

“If you miss the child within those years, it is unlikely that they will develop properly.

“We gave them Vitamin A as it prevents childhood blindness and also provided deworming,” Qamba said.

“Vitamin A helps boost the immune system, prevents diarrhea and anaemia.

“It also helps decrease the death rate of babies and children.”

Qamba said that deworming combats malnutrition and stunted development.

“The child’s body is able to absorb all nutrients that would otherwise be stolen by worms.”

“I am appealing to mothers to bring their babies routinely to get these services.

“Immunisation is not about injection only and should rather be seen as a package for the benefit of the child.”

Coetzee commended the clinic for their outreach programme and also the parents for using the opportunity to help their children.

“The 3km to the clinic is a huge challenge for this community, especially during inclement weather, and this gesture is much appreciated,” Coetzee said.

Acorn Valley resident Isaac Windvogel thanked the clinic for the kind gesture of thinking about them.

“You are a caring clinic and we are grateful for your presence in our community.

“My wish is to have more of these visits to our area in the future,” Windvogel said.


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