Low dam levels cancel Merrifield Mile

In a upsetting but not unforeseen turn of events, the iconic KFC Merrifield Mile has been cancelled for the first time in its 18-year history.

CANCELLED: The critically low level of Wriggleswade Dam has caused the KFC Merrifield Mile to be cancelled for 2020

In a recent statement, organisers cited the low levels of Wriggleswade Dam as the reason for the cancellation.

As reported in the GO! & Express over the last few weeks, Wriggleswade Dam (along with other dams in the BCM area) are at critical levels due to the ongoing drought. Wriggleswade is one of the worst hit an currently sits at approximately 30%.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch recently, Merrifield principal Guy Hartley said they had considered using Gubu Dam – one of only two dams sitting above 50%, along with Laing – but it would have taken too long to get the necessary authorisations in time for this year’s event.

However, he said they are open to using Gubu Dam for future races if the situation at Wriggleswade does not improve.

The Merrifield Mile has been hosted at Wriggleswade for the last six years.


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