Eastern Cape dam levels mostly stable

Dam levels across the province have remained mostly stable, with only a 0.1% change recorded throughout the EC, according to the department of water and sanitation (DWS). According to the latest figures, the provincial level increased slightly to 49.3%.

In the BCM area, most dams saw a decrease in level, with three of the six dams dropping from last week’s figures and Bridle Drift remaining unchanged at 39.7%.

Interestingly, Laing Dam dropped the most, recording an 0.8% decrease. However, this still leaves it at 100.8%, leagues ahead of any of the other dams in the area.

Gubu and Wriggleswade each dropped by 0.5%, ending up at 56.4% and 29.4% respectively.

Nahoon Dam, meanwhile, rose slightly to 41.7% capacity.

Rooikrans Dam is seeing a much needed recovery, after starting off 2020 below 30%. The latest figures show a 1.4% increase, bringing it up to 37.5% as of Tuesday.

As always, residents are reminded to abide by Stage 3 water restrictions and to save as much water as possible.



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