Lockdown dries up NPO’s funds

NGOs, NPOs and other charitable organisations that rely on donations to serve their communities, have been hit particularly hard during the ongoing pandemic.

FEEDING THE NEEDY: Hungry children receive a meal from Blessings From Me to You, which recently organised a soup kitchen in Orange Grove, East London

Blessings From Me to You is one such organisation that has been struggling during the national lockdown.

“Our only income was from our charity shop in Greenfields, and from those sales we bought food,” Blessings founder Louise Torr said.

With the shop being closed for nearly two months now, funds are starting to become scarce.

“Luckily for us, East Londoners have stepped up to help,” Torr said.

Blessings From Me to You has reached out to the local community to help through their various programmes, with money and food.

Torr said Parmalat had even chipped in, donating yogurt, cheese, cream and Sterrie Stumpies.

The organisation has also teamed up with It’s All About Image (IAAI), as previously reported in the GO! & Express (‘IAAI help to feed the hungry in BCM region’, May 16).

According to Torr, IAAI’s Klaus Rodeman collects food parcels from her and helps to distribute them around East London.

Despite their challenges, Torr was still hopeful. “It’s been tough, but we’re getting there,” she said.

For more information or to help, visit the Blessings From Me to You Facebook group or their store at 81 Jan Smuts Ave, Greenfields.

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