Pink Fairy to run for SPCA

Mike Webb, also known as The Pink Fairy, will be running a 45km “virtual” Comrades on Sunday June 14 from the Stutterheim SPCA to the King SPCA to raise funds for the organisation.

Mike Webb, aka the Pink Fairy, is running a ‘virtual’ Comrades to raise money for the SPCAPink 

“This year has been challenging for all and the volunteer organizations and NPOs have really been affected badly as fundraising has all but stopped for a lot of them,” Webb said.

Webb normally runs the Comrades Marathon each year in his iconic Pink Fairy outfit, while also raising funds through various activities such as school visits, fundraisers at local shops and fun runs.

Due to the lockdown, however, the only fundraiser he has been able to do so far has been a “backyard marathon” which involved Webb running 100m laps 420 times (‘Pink Fairy to raise funds for SPCA’, GO! & Express, April 9).

This managed to raise R11,000 but Webb said much more money was needed to help charitable organisations get through this tough period.

For the ‘virtual’ Comrades Marathon, Webb said he was originally going to run just 21.1km but has since decided to do the half-Comrades, or 45km.

“We will try to simulate the course as much as possible with the traditional music, singing of Shosholoza and Max Trimborne’s famous cock crow to set the runners off, all in place on Sunday at 7am outside the Stutterheim SPCA,” he said.

“There will be four other runners joining in, each doing their own distances and anyone is welcome to join in the fun.

“Please, however, ensure all social distancing and masks remain in place.”

Webb also said that since the run was not an organised event, all participants would be responsible for themselves

He will be running the distance in the Full Pink Fairy outfit, as he would on Comrades Day, and will be doing various Facebook Live updates throughout the route.

The finish line at the King SPCA will be made extra special by the adoption of a dog by Webb and his family.

Donations can be made to:

Pink Fairy /Mike Webb
Business Account
Ref: comrades


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