Join brave quest in ‘For The King’ online, locally


The King is dead, chaos is rising, and all the land’s heroes have fallen to the last.

Time to send in the peasants!

For The King casts you as a group of brave citizens of Fahrul rising to the call of your queen in an effort to stem the tides of chaos.

Starting with a party of two or three brave souls, you set out to do what you can for your fellow people and your home.

Every class will bring unique skills to the party, and you’ll need a well balanced team to get through the dangers you encounter.

While the game warns you from the start that you might not succeed on your first try, it encourages players to learn from every playthrough.

Encounters will provide a currency known as Lore to unlock more equipment and encounters, better starting classes and cosmetics.

Up to two friends can join you on this turn-based voyage, either locally or online.


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