Upcoming book to explore settlers’ history

The Eastern Cape has a history deeply rooted in the early European settlers’ project.

LEGACY: The German Settlers Monument stands proudly on the East London beachfront, an example of the city’s settler past

Here in East London, one of the more visable examples of this is the German Settlers Memorial down at the beachfront.

There are many families in the area who can trace their origins back to those original settlers, and it is these stories which John Wilmont hopes to tell in the upcoming book, 1820 Settlers and other early British Settlers to the Cape Colony.

Wilmont currently serves as the editor of Chronicles, the quarterly journal of the Genealogical Society of South Africa (GSSA) East Cape branch.

“The book is basically the stories that have appeared in the last 50 or so issues of Chronicles with the 1820 settlers and the early British settlers that came to the Cape Colony,” he said.

Each of the 170 odd chapters covers a different family, and contains pictures and detailed family trees.

“Most of the stories are those that I’ve asked people for.

“I’ve also collected them from books, manuscripts, magazines and newspapers,” Wilmont said.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the book’s release had been indefinitely delayed.

For more information, contact Wilmont at jaysqh@iafrica.com or the publisher at david@footprintpress.co.za.


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