Become a master thief in ‘Styx: Master of Shadows’


Bare feet on stone steps, the soft patter hidden within the quiet clank of a guard’s plate, a yell muffled by a hand, then by a dagger.

Welcome to Styx: Master of Shadows.

You play as the titular Styx trying to sneak your way through the human fortress that surrounds the mighty World Tree in order to steal its heart.

Assisting you in this endeavour are many handy tools as well as magical abilities granted to you through Amber, the World Tree’s sap.

Such powers include Invisibility, Amber Vision, and even the ability to make controllable clones of yourself to traverse otherwise inaccessible areas.

Combat is inadvisable here, with heavily armed and armoured guards against you.

While Styx can parry opponents until he’s able to land a killing strike, this requires precise timing and your enemies will rarely travel alone.

Sticking to the shadows and quietly whittling away at their numbers is your safest option.

Of course, you can always challenge yourself with the bonus objectives of each mission, such as killing no one or avoiding triggering a single alert, but these are not forced upon players and remain entirely optional.


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