Mixed news for BCM dams

As provincial dam levels dropped to 54% this week, the news for the Amathole region is mixed.

Of the six dams in the Amathole Water Supply System, two saw a decrease in their levels, two increased and one remained stable.

The first dam to lose water was Rooikrans, which dropped from 95.4% to 93.8% as of Monday June 15.

Wriggleswade was the other dam to see its level drop, going from 24.5% to 23.1%.

Nahoon Dam saw a much needed increase this week, rising to 50.2% from last week’s 48.3%.

The best recovery was undoubtedly Gcuwa Dam, which rose a whopping 34.1%

Last week, the dam level was recorded at 61.9% but as of the latest reading, it now sits at an impressive 96%.

Laing Dam, as usual, remains the best performing dam in the area, with its level remaining at 100.5% this week.


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