Eastern Cape woman catches her rapist and hands him over to cops

An Eastern Cape woman who was raped on Sunday morning overpowered her attacker and managed to get him to the police.
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An alleged rapist from Ngqeleni‚ in the Eastern Cape‚ was nabbed by his own victim‚ who then turned him over to the police.

In a statement‚ police said the 21-year-old man had attacked a 41-year-old woman on Sunday morning.

“It is alleged that the woman was jogging. Whilst on her way back home‚ the suspect dragged the victim to the nearby dongas‚ where he threatened to kill her and afterwards raped her‚” said police.

“It is further alleged that after the suspect finished raping her‚ she managed to overpower him and called her brothers to her rescue. The suspect was apprehended and later handed over to police.”

The man is expected to appear in the Ngqeleni magistrate’s court‚ where he will face a charge of rape.

“I applaud the lady for her bravery. We must oppose bail in all aspects‚” said district police commissioner Maj-Gen David Kanuka.

By: Naledi Shange

Source: ARENA Holdings.


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