NGO gets overseas funds to help schools

It’s not a secret that before the outbreak of Covid-19, most Eastern Cape schools were faced with dilapidated or a lack of proper infrastructure.

Thankfully, there are a number of organisations that are trying hard to help in whatever way they can.

One such organisation is The African Show Coalition Institute (Tasci).

“We are focused on revitalising rural communities and revitalising schools,” said Tasci founder and director Bathandwa Kwababa.

“Schools are ideally situated to connect pupils, parents, teachers and local government at one point.”

Kwababa founded Tasci in 2016, after noticing the stark difference between schools in her area.

“I grew up and studied in rural township schools and I could see the disparities between them and the urban and former Model C schools.

“[In the rural areas] there aren’t sustainable extra-curricular activites, the infrastructure isn’t the same,” she said.

“Something had to be done.”

Tasci recently received R150,000 from the Switzerland embassy, earmarked for renovation of ablution facilities, Covid-19 response for teachers such as personal protective equipment (PPE), and educational material for pupils.

The schools to benefit from the funds include Phakamile Junior Primary School and Fikile Gaushe Senior Primary School, both in Mdantsane.

RENOVATIONS: TASCI used some of their donations to help fix up Phakamile Junior Primary School in Mdantsane

“Our focus in these schools will be renovating existing toilets, and adding taps and basins to enable the safe flow and conservative use of water.

“We want to help curb the spread of the virus, especially at this level of schooling, and restore the dignity of the pupils and teachers,” Kwababa said.

So far at Phakamile, Tasci has managed to fix the school’s ceiling and paint the outside, along with providing 27 toilets.

The NGO also urges community members to become more involved in their local schools.

“We need the community to be involved as much as possible.

“We’re looking to get these schools as economic drivers, like the urban schools,” said Kwababa.

Anyone requiring more information can e-mail, follow them on Twitter at @Tasci-NGO or visit the Tasci Facebook page.


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