EL SPCA funds running low

COMING SOON: EL SPCA general manager Sonja Slabbert and kennel manager Melanie Fraser stand outside by the new cattery, which is still under construction

Last Sunday was World Animal Day, an international event meant to bring attention to the rights of animals.

To celebrate the special occasion, the EL SPCA held an open day at their premises.

“We tried to focus on adoptions this year, to get as many members of the public to come in and adopt and see our animals, bring some food if they were able, see how well kept our animals are and how many of them need to go to good homes,” said general manager Sonja Slabbert.

The event, Slabbert said, was a great success.

“We got seven adoptions, all pending home checks and sterilizations. Lots of people came through the door, even if they just looked and brought a bag of food.

“Many people said they would be coming back and they are looking to adopt in future.”

Speaking to the GO! & Express, Slabbert said they were also making good progress on their new catteries.

“We’ve finished the building part of it, so we’re now doing the steel structure and then we’re going to do the painting and the inside,” she said.

However, it wasn’t all good news.

“We need donations badly, we need to keep the lights on.

“What people don’t realise is that as grateful as we are for dog food and cat food, we need to pay the water bill, we need to pay the telephone bill, we need to pay the vet.”

The drying up of donations has seen the SPCA make moves to become as self-sufficient as possible, with Slabbert even starting a small vegetable garden on the premises to provide a source of food for the animals.

GOING GREEN: The new veggie garden which Slabbert has set up

They’re also trying to organise more fundraising events in the future.

On Saturday October 10, the SPCA will be organising their annual street collection drive. Representatives will be standing outside shops around East London asking members of the public for donations.

Slabbert also said that she was hoping to host more open days.

“I’m hoping to do another open day like we did on Sunday but with more stalls and as a proper fundraising event,” she said.


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