Netball SA cancels all events due to Covid-19

ON LEAVE: Netball SA announced the suspension of all activities due to Covid-19

In a major blow to the sport, Netball SA announced the suspension of all planned events until further notice due to the increased rate of Covid-19.

The decision came into effect on January 8 and was made unanimously between Netball SA president Cecilia Molokwane and the executive committee.

“As the country continues to see Covid-19 numbers rising, it is very scary what is going on around us. We see numbers rising and these numbers include names of people we know,” Molokwane said.

“As an executive, it was very important for us to take a decision to postpone all our planned activities. We will continue to take our lead from the government and consult all relevant stakeholders as we take all the much-needed steps to ensure that we protect lives.”

The postponed activities include the U/21 training camp scheduled to run from January 11 to 15, the SPAR challenge in Cape Town which would run from January 20 to 27 and the male national championships.

Molokwane said Netball SA would continue to consult with the department of sports, arts and culture as well as the department of health to ensure the safety of all athletes and staff.

“I think it is important that we continue to use this time to educate our people about the importance of adhering to health regulations and protocols around Covid-19.”

She urged all members to minimise travel unless absolutely necessary and to adhere to the health and safety protocols.


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