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MAKING WAVES: Gospel group CHOSEN is fast making a name for themselves in the gospel and mainstream music industries

CHOSEN – “The cool kids of Gospel” is a popular hip gospel band from East London that is starting to make a name for themselves on the national music scene.

Established in 2006, the band is making waves in the music

industry and, with a couple of achievements to their name, they are definitely destined for greater things.

The band’s name, CHOSEN, is derived from a branded T-shirt describing themselves as a Matthew 22:14 people, called to spread God’s word and love to all, the Chosen voice of God for the “othered.”

Having released two albums titled Chosen Volume 1 and Believe and the third one Still Believing still cooking in studio, fans of their music can anticipate a whole new experience.

“Still Believing is probably the most exciting project thus far and has taken us longer to produce and record because with this album, we’ve taken all our shared experiences both individually and collectively as a band, with people and God, and then put lyrics and a beat to them,” band member, Jody “J Will” Willard said.

“We now understand the value of branding, social media, publicity and good management, which are all parts that come together to form the bigger picture for any brand,” he said.

Most of the band’s lyrical content is inspired by both their personal and collective experiences with people as well their Godly encounters.

Band member, Jason “King J Barlow” Barlow said: “We are young and pay attention to what’s happening in the music scene and the billboard charts to see what’s dominating the airwaves”.

The band describes their music as Trapspel, a fusion of gospel and trap music, targeted at the youth who are effortlessly cool, self-defining thought leaders who do not fear the status quo. The band prides themselves as the voices of the voiceless, the advocates of the silenced.

“Our love for people and making a difference in peoples lives, which we don’t document on social media because we would never want to do well on others for double taps on Instagram or thumbs-ups on Facebook really varies from offering our time to donating groceries to those in need and volunteering at soup kitchens, “ Caree-Lee “MS Cax” Bridger said.

When not performing, the band members enjoy watching movies, having dinner and conversing over a braai.

The band says the biggest achievement was proving themselves to their families and community they could attain what seemed to be the impossible.

The band has been together for just over 10 years and have scooped a Crown Gospel Award for Best Produced Album in 2014 as well as nominations for Best Pop Gospel and Best New Comer at the same awards and received two nods at the Mzansi Music Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Produced Album.

For more information on the band:

Facebook: /Chosen

Twitter: GlobalChosen

Instagram: /GlobalChosen




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