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Joy as mobile clinic visits Acorn Valley

THE unexpected arrival of the mobile clinic brought a lot of joy and excitement to the small community of Acorn Valley on Tuesday morning.

This was clearly visible after seeing young and old running from all corners of the community when the vehicle, driven by Breidbach Clinic operational manager Sister Yolisa Qamba, arrived.

Accompanying Qamba was her clinic committee chairman Desmond Coetzee and two health counsellors – Loretta Bester and Wendy Peters.

The mobile clinic visit to the community came after an absence of many months and the appreciation was clearly visible on the faces of patients standing in long queues.

Coetzee said the absence of the mobile clinic to far-situated catchment areas was due to challenges faced by Breidbach Clinic but he is happy the outreach finally took place.

“A shortage of staff topped the list, with the facility operated by only two professional nurses with the other one on leave,” Coetzee said.

WELL-BEING FIRST: Residents stand in a queue to benefit from medical services provided by the Breidbach Clinic which visited Acorn Valley on Tuesday. Clinic operational manager Sister Yolisa Qamba was in charge of the visit Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

He said it was sad to see very sick and elderly patients bracing the sweltering heat in queues waiting to receive medical attention. “There were people coming on crutches, others were carried by family members but for me, honestly, the saddest part was when I saw a 92-year-old woman also standing among those in the queue.

“I think the clinic will have to conduct more visits to the area to assist those in need and to save them from having to take on the 3.5km walk to the clinic,” said Coetzee.

Qamba said the visit was like a blessing to the residents as they were really in need of the service.

“By all odds we are promising to continue providing them with the important service and will be forming clubs so those taking treatment don’t default as treatment can be taken straight to them on due dates.”

Nana Jacobs, 92, said: “My legs will never carry me to the Breidbach Clinic, so I am happy that they have come to us and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.”

Another resident, Cynthia Masondo, 54, said it would be good if the mobile clinic could visit them twice a month.

Little Footsteps Crèche principal Kaylene Cumming proposed three visits per month as ideal.

“Last week, three kids were absent from school due to flu and I advised their parents to take them to the clinic in Breidbach, so we will definitely appreciate regular visits.”

According to Qamba, a total of 52 people were treated in a period of four hours.


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