Knit one, purl one, with Rotary

THE Rotary Club of East London’s Rotary Anns recently started teaching cancer patients at Frere Hospital to knit and crochet.

Run by former social worker and Rotary Ann member, Yvonne Gilbert, the project aims to give Oncology Step Down (J2) ward patients a fun and constructive way to pass the time between their treatment sessions.

Most of the patients in the J2 ward have a four to six week treatment period, meaning that they often spend an extended time in the ward.

“Many of the patients live far away and can not simply return home after their daily 15-minute treatments. We wanted to give them a skill and give them something fun to do in an effort to make their hospital stay a bit happier,” said Gilbert.

Out of 42 patients in the ward, 15 women have taken up this hobby making beautiful beanies and scarves for themselves, with the assistance of Gilbert and the Rotary Anns.

From beginners to advanced knitters, the project caters to all who are interested on a completely voluntary basis.

“It is so wonderful to see more and more women become interested each time I go back. These women are having such fun and they get so excited when we walk in with more wool, it is so rewarding to see them enjoy themselves,” Gilbert said.

“This is purely for the fun of it and we’re really hoping we can keep going. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.”

In order to keep the project going, the Rotary Anns are in need of DK wool, crochet hooks and 4 to 5mm knitting needles.

If anyone is interested in donating these items please contact Gilbert on her cell at 084-652- 0417. Alternatively, items can be dropped off with Rotary Ann’s chairperson, Julie Hutchinson at the Beaconhurst Pharmacy in Beacon Bay.


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