Famous Birthday (May 27) – Christopher Lee

Picture: Avda

Today marks the birthday of Christopher Lee, born in 1922 and possibly the baddest individual to ever grace Hollywood. You could point to the 260 films he’s been in, his Guinness World Record for Tallest Living Actor, the fact that he was a master in seven languages, or his knighthood and you’d have enough proof of his sheer awesomeness… and yet somehow it gets better. During World War 2, Lee was part of a special forces team set up by Winston Churchill known officially as The Special Operations Executive and unofficially as the “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”. Ian Flemming (yes, that Ian Flemming) was also a member. To this day, their actions remain heavily classified by the British government. He also released a hardcore metal album in 2010 (with a sequel following in 2013) because why not.


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