Port Rex Lions donate 100 trees in celebration of their anniversary

 IN CELEBRATION  of Lions Clubs International’s Centennial year,  the East London Port Rex Lions Club is donating 100 trees to various places of need as one of their legacy projects.

 The East London Port Rex Lions Club’s initiatives are aimed at meeting the needs of  local communities and the world every day because they share a core belief in serving their community.

PLANTING HOPE: Richard Patten, from left, incoming president Diane Sierra, and project manager Chow Bessel are planting 100 trees to mark 100 years of Port Rex Lions Picture: SIPHOKAZI VUSO

 Incoming president of the club, Diane Sierra, said they are distributing the trees to places that will benefit from the donation to mark the 100th year of Lions Clubs International.

 “We are distributing these trees to the community, to various places that will benefit for years to come, such as Pet Pals, who are in need of the shade and to boost the general ecosystem,” she said.

 She said that the trees will also be donated to hospitals, crèches and schools.

 “The Lions continue to serve the community in many different ways such as providing food for the needy, visits to old age homes, hospital visits, and also our ongoing support of Jersey Week and the Eisteddfod to name but a few,”  Sierra said.

 Project Manager, Chow Bissel, said that the donation also served  as  encouragement for people to plant trees  in a bid to save the environment.

 If any school, crèche, hospital, clinic that needs a tree, please contact Richard, 082-924-8320.



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