CMR seminar celebrates and empowers women

The significant role that women play are playing at home, in their families and within their communities, was celebrated during a seminar hosted by social workers attached to the King William’s Town Christelik- Maatskaplike Raad (CMR) at the Breidbach Hall last Friday.

More than 70 women of all ages braved the inclement weather to attend the seminar and take part in activities such as group discussions and debates.

POSITIVE INTERACTION: Breidbach women participate in a Women’s Month seminar hosted by CMR social workers in Breidbach last Friday

CMR social worker Nosiphiwo Sodo said the aim of purpose for the women’s seminar was to both celebrate and help empower women.

“As we just ended just came from Women’s Month drew to an end, we felt that the women needed to be celebrated and empowered to become the best they can be in their lives,” Sodo said.

“The reason is simple: they dedicate their time to other people such as their partners, children, families and their community but hardly never take time to for spend it on themselves or and appreciate the hard work that they do for others.

“So this seminar was an opportunity for us as social workers to remind them of their value and the significant role they playare playing within their day-to-day tasks as women.”

The women were divided into groups and given different topics for discussion, such as the value of a woman, and how to take care of yourself with all your commitments as a mother.

This was followed by a debate on the topic: Should I go or should I stay if involved in an abusive abused relationship with a wealthy partner/husband.

In support of the topic, Katrina Jacobs said: “I will stay because my husband has everything and will give me whatever I desire.”

Yvonne Fourie, in response said: “Money and living in wealth is not everything and I will never compromise or allow anyone to abuse me or my children.”

The event was concluded with a meal, and Sodo said she was overwhelmed with the success of the seminar.

“It was our first time running the seminar in Breidbach and people came through in large numbers.

“We have undoubtedly managed to achieve our goal and the turnout has motivated us to have this programme annually.”

CMR service areas include are Breidbach, Qalashe, King William’s Town, Schornville and Ngqonqweni.


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