Going back to the 90s

EAST London Performing Arts Society (ELPAS) will be entertaining locals on October 4 to 6 at the Arts Theatre with their Back to the 90s show.

ELPAS was founded in 2016 by Nasine van Rensburg who had a vision of creating a new community theatre group that gives equal opportunity to the city.

“Back to the 90’s is a tribute show set to the classic hits we know and love from the 90s but unlike other tribute shows you have most likely seen, this one is performed live with vocalists and back-up dancers, all dressed up in 90’s fashion,” said Van Rensburg.

She said she had sprung on the idea for the show for over three years but the timing was just never quite right. “However, with the 90s making a pop-culture comeback, the opportunity finally presented itself.

“It seems the stars have aligned for us and we couldn’t have chosen a better time to do it, as the 90”s is a craze that everybody seems to be into and want to be a part of at the moment.

“To date, all of our shows consist of cast members who are all everyday people who just love theatre and performing and who responded to our open audition calls.

None of them have formal training besides maybe having taken dance classes when they were younger, so it is always truly amazing to see their growth as performers after two months of intensive and gruelling rehearsal,” she said.

Van Rensburg said ELPAS has also become known for their “out of the box” shows and for always trying new things.

“We love to do things differently and to bring a different level of theatre to the East London audiences. We believe that the audience is loyal and deserves to be spoilt for choice when it comes to productions,” she said.

ELPAS has enjoyed success in its short life-span so far with sold-out runs of their shows, such as: Now That’s What I Call Broadway, Ooh La Lesque, Back to Broadway, Ooh La Lesque Revamped, Femme Fatale, and High Voltage.

Tickets are on sale at Lee Gold Music.

“Whether you are a 90’s kid, a teenager dancing awkwardly to Savage Garden at your school disco, or you were in your 20’s partying it up at trance or rave parties, nostalgia will be sure to hit you big- time with this show, Van Rensburg said.


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