Lucky sheep hamper winner

LET’S BRAAI: Family friend Lance Ackrisamy, right, hands a meat hamper to Gert Bezuidenhout after he won it in a raffle organised for Rashe Thompson, centre. Mom Rhelda, far left, and dad, Joseph, are by her side

A generous contribution to his colleague made an East Londoner the lucky winner of a sheep hamper in Breidbach last week.

Christmas Rock resident and Buffalo City Metro employer Gert Bezuidenhout said one of his colleagues approached him for a raffle contribution towards his daughter’s travelling and accommodation expenses for a beauty pageant in Johannesburg recently.

“I am working with Joseph Thompson of Breidbach and when he asked me for a contribution, I didn’t hesitate and put down my name on his raffle as it was for a good cause. I never imagined I would be the winner,” Bezuidenhout said.

“When I was contacted by his daughter Rashe and informed that I am the winner of the sheep, I thought someone was playing the fool and only realised it was true when her father informed me.”

Bezuidenhout said it was the first time in his life that he had won a raffle.

Prior to the handing over he said: “I still am in doubt that I have won and will only believe when it when it is handed to me.

“The meat comes at a perfect time, so we will have a great time in celebrating my son’s birthday.”

Rashe said the raffle was a phenomenal success and she expressed her gratitude to everyone for their support.

“I was adjudged the fifth-best in the country for the 16-18 years category of the Miss Teen SA competition, among 22 participants from various parts of the country, and the support I gained from my community and the business sector made it so much easier for me to be able to participate,” Rashe said.


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