Cycling for a cause

The Dream Cycle Foundation had a pitstop in East London on Thursday, raising funds for charity by cycling from Durban to Cape Town.

Butch Webster, a former Durban City Football Club manager, together with his friend Graham Wilson undertook this gruelling cause to celebrate Webster’s 70th birthday.

“My daughter is a cyclist and I got my son to train me for this. I wanted to give back by cycling through South Africa as its always been my dream,“ Webster said.

He says his guiding principals are the three D’s: determination, dedication and discipline

“These principals in my life have allowed me to make my dreams come true, and one area in my life where dreams have come true is soccer,” he said.

Webster played soccer professionally for 13 years while serving as a manager for seven years in the 1980’s.

BIRTHDAY WISH: On the left, Butch Webster and his long time friend and charity ride companion, Graham Wilson

Wilson, affectionately known as Willy, first said yes to the cycle tour as a joke.

“So far we’ve had good days and actually surprised ourselves a little bit. Butch and I have been friends for 40 years,” he said.

Webster also thanked their driver Wayne Baley for his commitment to the cause and said they “couldn’t have made it without him”.

“I decided to help out after seeing a Facebook post. It’s been lots of fun so far to be part of this journey,” Baley said.

Paula Botha, their host on the East London leg, said she worked with Webster 37 years ago and decided to help out.

Charities to benefit include ExPro: United Through Sport, which has runs a Toys for Joy initiative. Sponsors for the charity ride include Hollywood Bets which has assisted the trio with accommodation and fuel costs.

“Willy and I have been heavily involved in sport in the past including being part of Toys for Joy,” Webster said.

The pair will end their journey at Hollywood Bets in Cape Town.


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