Holiday arts, crafts for youth

December school holidays are upon us and non-profit organisation Families South Africa (Famsa) along with the Khanya Centre have revived a three-day holiday programme for grade 6 and 7 pupils.

“The programme was supposed to be for only grade 6s and 7s but when we started on Monday, we saw there were younger children who are also interested in participating, so we couldn’t deprive them from learning different life skills,” Famsa social worker Sinclair Makoba said.

“The aim of the holiday programme is to keep children off the streets and constructively engage them over a three-day period with fun activities, educating them in various lifestyle topics and teaching them various art and crafts.

“During the school holidays, they get bored and become targets for criminal activities in their community.”

The children learned dance moves from Free 2 Dance Network, while others were taught the finer points of volleyball by the Warriors Volley Club. There were also drawing lessons from Work of Arts and pottery from by Duncan Village Art Centre.

The programme has approximately 110 children, and is supported by various stakeholders, including the fire department, department of correctional services, SA Police Services, PnA Stationers and White Door of Hope.





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