Community comes together to help destitute man

UPBEAT: Siyavuya Matiwane

An Ilitha woman said it nearly broke her heart when she saw a post on social media about a Sweetwaters orphan who is was living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet, so she decided she’d pitch in and help.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said after reading about Siyavuya Matiwane on Facebook, she immediately contacted the original poster and together they helped pledge R2,000 towards groceries, toiletries and other necessities.

“I saw the Facebook post by Stacey Gosling and immediately contacted her. I was introduced to members of her committee and Matiwane himself.

“We then bought groceries which I think would make a difference in his life,” the woman said.

“What touched me the most after listening to his ordeal was the fact that he had no means of income but never turned to crime, stayed positive and strived to get a job irrespective of his circumstances.”

She also commended Gosling and her committee for their passion in helping those in need and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

Gosling is the secretary of Buffalo City Metro ward 44 Sanco branch.

“Our committee in Sweetwaters informed us as their branch executive committee about Matiwane’s circumstances.

“We than took a decision to put our weight behind him in striving to improve his living conditions,” Gosling said.

Matiwane, 21, lost his father in 2010, his mother two years later and stayed with his grandmother , who also passed on died in 2014, while he was studying grade 11 at Hector Peterson Senior Secondary School in Zwelitsha. His grandmother died in 2004.

“With my granny also gone and with me the eldest of my two brothers aged 13 and six in the two-room house, it just felt if my entire world has come to an end,” Matiwane said.

“Relief for me came after extended family members agreed to take my two brothers and allowed me to concentrate on my studies which helped me pass matric with a diploma.”

He said staying living alone without any means of income had a huge impact on his life but he commended neighbours and people within his area for helping him.

“My wish is to further my studies and become a successful businessman,” Matiwane said.

Gosling said people from all areas in King and surrounding areas were supportive and blessed the boy Matiwane with a variety of items ranging from groceries to locks for his house, and for offering him an opportunity to fund his studies.


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