Special candle flame welcomes new pupils

Hudson Park High School has welcomed a new batch of grade 8’s, with their annual orientation week from January 8 to 11 in East London.

Capping off the week was the symbolic Candle Lighting Ceremony which is meant to help create a sense of belonging in the new pupils.

Former Hudson teacher Richard Rees has been part of the ceremony since its inception in 1992.

“We decided to make an even better orientation programme, more dignified and special for the incoming new pupils,” Reese said.

LIGHT THE WAY: Hudson Park High School prefect Simone Anderson holding a candle during the Candle Lighting Ceremony Picture: SUPPLIED

The flame comes from the lamp of learning which is used for Hudson Park’s Founders Day. The light is passed from prefect to prefect and then onto the grade 8’s.

Afterwards, the head girl reads the Oath of the Eagle: “I promise to honour God, to be loyal to my country, to respect my family, to uphold the traditions of my school, Hudson Park, and to make a positive contribution so that this school will be made richer by my presence”.

Once the oath is read, the headboy leads the grade 8’s in a pledge.

“The flame encompasses enthusiasm and a burning desire to contribute to the school with their own unique characters,” Rees said.

The day ended with an evening of barn dancing and games.


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