New Netflix series is more hit than miss

Love, Death, & Robots represents another addition to Netflix’s impressive push for experimental indie content.

The last few years have seen the streaming service move away from simply licencing other movies to producing their own content, and this new direction has been a boon for independent creators.

Sure, some of it is more miss than hit but thankfully this series is not one of them.

The series is actually an anthology consisting of 18 short, animated features, with the only real connecting theme being that they are science- fiction. As a result, the stories themselves vary greatly, from a deep introspection on life’s purpose to a comedy sketch about yoghurt taking over the world.

However, I should point out that this is definitely not a family-friendly series.

It takes the Game of Thrones approach towards gore and nudity, i.e. it goes all out. There is blood, f-bombs and full-frontal nudity a-plenty to be had, so maybe don’t watch this one with your kids.

This is actually one of my criticisms with the series. A lot of the time it felt like the gore and nudity was included simply for the sake of having gore and nudity and it can end up feeling gratuitous after a while.

I was also disappointed that a number of episodes stuck with a generic “hyper-realistic” animation-style like one would you’d find in a video-game cutscene.

Sure, it’s impressive on a technical level but when contrasted with the more creative and stylish entries, it ironically feels like the lazier approach.

Still, there’s plenty of fun to be had with Love… and there’s enough variety to suit everybody’s tastes.

Want knuckle-biting sci-fi action? Then you’ll love “Suits” or “The Sucker of Souls”. Looking for comedy? “Three Robots” and “When the Yoghurt Took Over” have you covered.
Perhaps you want to marvel at some truly beautiful animation? In that case, I strongly recommend “Fish Night” and “Zima Blue”.

The point is that Even if you don’t like every episode (I certainly didn’t), there’s bound to be at least one that keeps you hooked, and for that, it’s definitely worth checking out.


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