Gift of new wheelchair a real lifeline for amputee

GIFT OF MOVEMENT: PNA mascot Penny, Lauren Lubbe, Mziwamadoda Gobe and Darrel and Gussie Eberhardt

Mziwamadoda Gobe is the latest beneficiary of the PnA Stationers East London and Sweethearts Foundation wheelchair hand-over on Tuesday.

Gobe lost his right leg due to from diabetes earlier this year. He first lost his big toe due to the excruciating pain he felt and when the pain spread throughout his leg, he chose to amputate it.

Lauren Lubbe from Frere Hospital’s occupational therapy branch was there to help present the gift to Gobe.

“Losing a lower limb can be debilitating in the sense that one cannot access the community.

“As occupational therapists, our goal is to get the patient as integrated back into the community as possible, allowing them to live independent lives.

“A wheelchair is seen as such a small item, yet it makes a huge difference because someone who uses crutches needs a lot of energy, and crutches tend to hinder the patient in accessing the community,” Lubbe said.

She said Gobe’s current wheelchair was not in a good shape as it needed servicing.

“He had to wait for quite some time from the hospital to get a wheelchair, because there are procedures that have to be followed – so we are glad that PnA and the Sweetheart Foundation came in to rescue with a brand new one.”

Gobe expressed much gratitude for his new set of wheels.

“Losing my leg and using a wheelchair has been game- changer for me I haven’t faced any challenges yet while using it. I am so thankful and happy for getting this new one, as I was waiting for six months at the hospital in order to get a new chair,” he said.



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