Vandalism, burglary shock at Breidbach Primary

Teachers at Breidbach Primary School were in a state of shock after finding their classes destroyed early last Monday morning.

School principal head Gareth Fourie confirmed that 11 classes were burgled with office furniture, books and other items destroyed and scattered on the floor.

Items, such as party packs were stolen, as well as other valuables, much to the frustration of the principal, teachers educators and pupils.

One of the teachers, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the GO! & Express the thugs took food from the classroom next to hers and relieved themselves in her class before moving on.

When the GO! arrived at the school, they also witnessed a 12-year-old boy in full school uniform threatening to assault teachers and the principal in the presence of the two police officials.

The child was holding stones in both his hands, saying: “I’m not afraid of the police and will attack you”.

He then chased some of the teachers into the principal’s office before being apprehended by the police and taken off the school premises.

His mother and uncle arrived shortly after the incident and took him home.

Pictures: SUPPLIED


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