“Bombshell” tells a thrilling true story

In keeping with the “based on true events” theme, Bombshell is a New Zealand film exploring of the 1985 sinking of Greenpeace’s flagship, The Rainbow Warrior, by the French government.

The attack resulted in the death of photographer Fernando Pereira.

The film can be broadly split into two halves. The first half feels like a political thriller with members of the French government meeting in shadowy backrooms to plot their sabotage.

We are also introduced to the Warrior’s loyal crew and follow them as they organise a mass protest against French nuclear testing.

The second half takes the form of an investigative drama as New Zealand police work hard to track down the agents behind the bombing.

It’s a thrilling watch, especially when you remember that this all really happened. It’s also a little terrifying to be reminded just how far even supposedly democratic governments will go to defend their power.

Despite being an independent film, the creators of Bombshell ’s” creators clearly put in a lot of effort. The attention to detail on The Rainbow Warrior, for example, is top notch and the acting is mostly strong across the board.


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