Striking school art on display

Assemblages, sculptures and paintings are just a few things to expect as the annual East London High School’s Exhibition is under way at Belgravia Art Centre until September 13.

Art lovers can expect to take in many striking pieces, with 15 high schools having entered their works, including Queenstown Girls’ High School and Queens College in Komani, as well as Sttutterheim High School.

Organic forest sculptures. Picture: AMANDA NANO

The centre’s ceramics teacher Lynn Katz said she assisted a group of grade 9 pupils from Stirling High School to make organic forest sculptures.

“They made wire and paper maché sculptures and then proceeded to stick on some the organic material.

“I bought all kinds of material for them to use, such as bird’s feathers, tree bark and pine cones,” Katz said.

More than 400 hundred artworks, which include photographs, mixed media and animation, are on display.

BUDDING ARTIST: Hudson Park High School grade 12 pupil Lisakhanya Sofe holds her sculptured piece at the EL High School’s Art Exhibition at the Belgarvia Art Centre. Picture: AMANDA NANO

Hudson Park High School grade 12 pupil Lisakhanya Sofe received a double gold award for her sculptured piece which took her an entire term to make.

“This is a three-generational representation of a matriarchal family, which is a combination of my grandmother, mother and myself.

“I wanted to add a cultural element with the doek and with the colour red as representing ation of love,” Sofe said.

She would like to study to be an interior designer but hopes not to stop with creating pieces of art.

The centre’s Jan Pretorious said that some of the innovative artworks tackled various narratives such as rape culture.

The work can be viewed Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

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