Peep Show exhibit a big inspiration to pupils

The East London Fine Arts Society (ELFAS), together with the Ann Bryant Art Gallery, in East London hosted their annual Peep Show Art Exhibition, showcasing some small-scale and miniature artworks from 15 different artists.

The grade 8 pupils from the Centre of Excellence High School, are among those who  were got creatively inspired.  Most of the pupils gave the exhibition a thumbs-up as this was their first time experiencing the Peep Show Art Exhibition experience to an art prep show.

“The exhibition covered water colour and acrylic landscapes, detailed drawings of fauna and flora, floral and fauna, Nguni cows, aloes and abstract concepts.

“The seasoned artists and pupils brought their small-scale canvases and ceramic sculptures to life,” Small Projects Foundation communication officer, Spokazi Tywani said.

As Albert Einstein once said: “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”, which is what ELFAS chair Barry Gribb, chairperson of the ELFAS did well.

In his speech, he reflected back to his first time attending an art peep show more than 30 years back while in Cape Town.

Gribb said there were a few high school pupils who entered to be part of the art show and he would be thrilled if more could participate.

For interested up-and-coming artists, find more information on the Ann Bryant Art Gallery website on


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