Liquor Board links alcohol abuse to GBV

Liquor Board’s Pumlani Fani
speaks at the organisation’s
seminar on gender-based violence at the Abbotsford Christian Centre Picture: SIVENATHI GOSA

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board, in partnership with the nonprofit Hope Alive Foundation from Ducats, held a seminar discussing the link between gender-based violence and excessive alcohol consumption, at the Abbotsford Christian Centre last Saturday. Married couples from Ducats filled the hall to listen to the speakers address them about the epidemic of alcoholism and violence in SA.

“The seminar is not focused only on GBV, but also alcohol abuse, especially with women who are pregnant,” ECLB senior communication officer Pumlani Fani said.

“Alcohol affects families as it leads to violent behaviour. “Alcohol abuse among partners and families continues to be a huge problem in our communities, and high crime statistics are also attributed to alcohol/substance abuse in the area.”

Fani said they had programmes in place which helped spread awareness about the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant.

“We want to alert women, especially young mothers who do not know the dangers of
consuming alcohol while pregnant.”

ECLB spokesperson Mgwebi Msiya said the board was contributing to the fight against
GBV and had contacted Hope Alive to alert them to the crisis in Ducats.

“We decided to bring families into this seminar because not only does it affect
the couples, but the children also.”

This was the first seminar that the ECLB has held on gender-based violence, which it plans to expand to other areas. “ Our mission is to target townships first because a lot of these instances of GBV and alcoholism happen there,” Msiya said.



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