Saha hosts initiative to promote the sport at local schools

A special workshop on modified hockey presented by the South African Hockey Association (Saha) in Breidbach over the weekend was well-received by all involved.

FACILITATOR: Saha official Gary Dolley presents a workshop on modified hockey to educators from different schools in Breidbach over the weekend

Saha project manager Gary Dolley hosted the workshop for a group of about 50 people consisting of teachers, community leaders, sports coaches and pupils, as part of Saha’s efforts to promote the sport at schools in the area.

During the workshop, Dolley explained how organisers could use any smooth surface in a safe environment to promote physical activities within the Life Skills curriculum.

“This pragmatic approach will be to ensure that we expose our pupils to the benefits of physical wellness and promote a love of recreation and sport,” Dolley said.

He touched on the issue of promoting fundamental movement skills within the foundation phase.

Dolley also explained that a lack of equipment should not present a problem as modified hockey could be played on any safe surface with basic materials.

Hockey development officer Hubert Oliphant, who initiated the workshop, was excited about Dolley’s visit and expressed hope about the future of hockey in the region.

“This visit by Dolley is a huge move in the right direction and the start of something great.

“I am also overwhelmed with the support of so many schools and stakeholders,” Oliphant said. Tshatshu Primary educator Mlungisi Dlalapantsi said the workshop was fruitful and would assist him in helping pupils to excel at his school.

St Christopher’s Marcel Strydom shared similar sentiments, saying: “It was very informative and showed us how to do the basics, to great assistance to teachers and learners.”

Community leader Paloma Thompson described the workshop as “a very good programme which could assist many kids at schools in terms of discipline, if schools adopt it”.

Ward committee member Tully Winnaar said it had been proven that much could be done with simple equipment and that Dolley had covered basically all sporting codes.


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