Illchane Studio to release second album

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article implied that the studio album was organised by Blaqverse when in fact it was organised by Illchane Studio owner Sarel Baadjies. We apologise for the confusion.

East London-born musician Mvikeli Masuku, better known as Blaqverse, will be featured in a new compilation album set to be released on June 5.

The album, titled Illchane Studio Album II: Collaborations, Illcity’s Finest, is being organised by Illchane Studio owner Sarel Baadjies and, as the name suggests, is the second such album released by the studio.

It will feature music from various artists associated with the studio, which is also based in East London.

“The album is 90% hip-hop, and there’s one or two pop songs that will be included,” Masuku said.

Of the 22 songs on the album, Masuku said he featured in three.

Work on the album started in December, with most of the music being recorded before the lockdown was introduced.

However, the new restrictions did pose some problems for the production.

Masuku said that there were plans to shoot videos for some of the songs, but that had to be put on hold until the lockdown was lifted.

Illchane studio which, are situated in Summerpride have partnered with artists like:

Ta WesT, Bosstone, D_ Major, Keri, Brian, RereBoy, MC O.M.O, Blaqverse, YLA FOREIGN & OG Gas, Mina, SK and LEF just to mention a few.

The album will be availble from June 5 on all social platforms with physical copies available after the lockdown.


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