Pink Fairy raising funds for Border SPCAs

Mike Webb, better known as The Pink Fairy, is giving the term “fundraising trail” a rather literal meaning.

As part of the upcoming Kwelera to Kei (K2K) mountain bike race, Webb is looking to raise money for SPCAs in the Border region.

He is joined by 21 members, although he says they are hoping to make it to 25.

Each member, or “Pink Fairyite”, is attempting to raise a minimum of R1,000 and will be wearing pink tutus during the race to help raise awareness.

“We will also be ‘passing the hat’ around at the start and finishing lines to try and raise some more money,” he said.

“This was a huge success last year with over R40,000 raised but due to Covid-19, we are expecting a lot less but every cent helps.”

All funds raised will be split between the various SPCAs along with the Furry Godmother, a local organisation dedicated to the well-being of animals in the township.

K2K will be the third fundraising initiative run by Webb since lockdown, the other two being the Kidds Beach Adventure Race and the Cinsta Bike Park Adventure Race. Over R18,000 was raised between these events which was donated to the KWT SPCA and the Furry Godmother.

Webb will also be running a fundraiser at the Kei Mouth Family Fun Adventure Race on December 27 to raise money for the Dog/Cat Sterilisation Programme in Kei Mouth.


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