Ready to thrill Afrikaans fans

SENSATIONAL singer Refentse Moraka will entertain his fans at a fundraiser at Grens High School on Monday at 7pm.

From the moment he was discovered singing in the streets of his home town Vereeniging, Refentse’s popularity has grown enormously.

SELF-MADE: Afrikaans singer Refentse Moraka will perform at Grens High School on Monday Picture: SUPPLIED

He is also a song-writer and prefers singing in Afrikaans.

He said: “My parents couldn’t speak Afrikaans and I went to a Afrikaans school from a young age.

“I listened to Afrikaans music to learn more about the language.”

He certainly brings something different to Afrikaans pop music, with a distinct African flavour. Two years ago, when he was only 18, Refentse made waves on the internet when he recorded himself singing De la Rey and Laurika Rauch’s hit song, Lisa se Klavier, and later, when his videos were released, they created a sensation among his growing fan base.

Refentse’s warm voice, accompanied by the strains of the harmonica, some pop-hooks and the guitar are just some of the sounds that make up his unique style.

He is sure to get the Grens supporters up from their seats.

Contact Charmaine Rowland on 082-581-1005 for more information.

Tickets are available from the school.


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