Off to world champs

PUMPED UP: Justin Crous is training hard after having been has been being selected to represent SA the countr at the Power-Lifting World Championships in Orlando, Florida in the US in November Picture: SIVENATHI GOSA

Local power-lifting enthusiast Justin Crous, 23, has been selected to represent SA South Africa at the the Power-Lifting World Championships in November in Orlando, Florida, in the US.

Crous is currently working as a community service dietitian at the All Saints Hospital in Ngcobo.

“Back in high school, I was always involved in sport till I dislocated my knee playing rugby in 2013.

“I then stopped participating in any sport that required excessive body movement and focused on weight lifting,” Crous said.

“I started power-lifting two years ago at in Nelson Mandela University [NMU], where I competed and won a fun power-lifting competition.

“From there, I was invited to participate at in the Rhino Power-Lifting Club, where I also excelled.

“That is where I decided to take this seriously, as I could see the great potential that I have.”

Through hard work and dedication, he entered the competitive scene, and competed in the nationals in Pretoria on June 16 2018, where he won in the junior under 23 Raw Power-Lifting category.

“I am the only athlete from the Eastern Cape to have made the SA team and would therefore be honoured to not only hold the SA flag high, but also that of my province.

“I see no greater honour than to represent my country and it would therefore be a dream come true to be able to participate at this esteemed event.”

Crous said there were are 15 competitors were members that are selected, but only six were are definitely sure about going to the world championships, as some could not of them cannot afford the trip.

The travelling costs are R35,000, which each athlete has to provide from his or her own pocket.

“I am currently in the process of raising funds. I have created a crowd- funding campaign in which people can assist me financially,” he said.

“I have been e-mailing companies for some sponsorships too.”

Crous said he believed he could be placed in the top three at the world event.“I have been working extremely hard for this sport. I believe I could place in the Top 3 at the world championships,” he said.


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