Pink Fairy geared to raise funds for SPCAs

Mike Webb, affectionately known as the Pink Fairy, is looking to raise funds for both the King William’s Town and the East London SPCA. To do so, he will be taking part in the annual Kwelera to Kei (K2K) 70km Mountain Bike Race on Saturday November 24.

KIND HEART: The Pink Fairy, aka Mike Webb, is set to take part in the K2K

Joining him will be East London-based entertainer Kerry Hiles, who will be on hand to entertain the riders.

“The plan is for Kerry to sing a few songs at the start to get some vibe going and we will ‘pass the hat’ for donations. I will also generate some vibe and fun, and dance and sing along as well,” Webb said.

There are currently more than over 800 entries for the race and Webb hopes each participant encourages each participant to will donate at least R20.

“If we can get this right, our target would be R16,000,” he said.

All proceeds will be split between the two East London and King SPCAs in order to help with their expenses.

The mountain bike race will see cyclists travel from Crossways Village, East Coast Resort, all the way to the Kei Mouth Country Club.


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